Brilliant Sole

The Ultimate Smart Footwear Platform For Virtual Reality & Creators


What is Brilliant Sole?

The Only “Open” Sensor & Haptic Embedded Footwear Platform That Works with Mobile & PC Devices


Integrated sensor and haptic system, Qi wireless charging compatible. Can be embedded into insoles and other footwear

mobile app

Control communications with Brilliant Sole footwear, third party mobile, desktop, and cloud apps

pc app

Our desktop app enables sensor data conversion to unlimited locomotion control methods in virtual reality and video games

Core Features

Versatile Platform for Creators in Virtual Reality, Video Games, and Much More


Just insoles with wireless charging. The easiest to use, most versatile, and simplest form factor


Brilliant Sole measure each foot’s force under pressure points, and tracks movements with nine axis IMU’s for each foot


Brilliant Sole incorporates two haptic motors so users can feel the virtual world beneath their feet, and creators have an additional sense to engage for other applications


Brilliant Sole can stream wearable data over BLE and TCP to mobile devices, PC’s, and the cloud simultaneously


Solving locomotion for VR required creation of the most versatile smart footwear platform ever


Brilliant Sole is a platform made for creators, in VR, and the real world. What will you build with it?

Why is Brilliant Sole the answer to what’s missing in VR?

Friday Feature: Brilliant Sole, Virtual Reality, and the Trek to the Top

On Monday, April 3rd, while the Tar Heels took home the win for the NCAA, Brilliant Sole took home the win for NCTM—that is, the first North Carolina Tech Madness hosted by ExitEvent and Adzerk.

Competing parallel to the basketball phenomenon, Brilliant Sole was one of 64 startups in the vote-based challenge. It was one of the youngest businesses in the running at only one year old, but its revolutionary approach to virtual reality locomotion with smart footwear controllers helped it overtake more established companies.

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This Wilmington tech start-up is fixing what’s missing from virtual reality

Virtual Reality technology has come a long way since its early blocky geometric days, but it still has its shortcomings. One of the major drawbacks becomes apparent as soon as people put on a VR headset; they become completely immersed until they try to walk around.

Jeff Guard, founder of Wilmington-based tech start-up Brilliant Sole, explained the problem.

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NC Tech Madness winner is….. Brilliant Sole

Brilliant Sole worked it’s way through many of North Carolina’s most promising start ups and came out on top. Check out the article here!



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