Virtual Reality & Video Games

See & Feel Your Feet in VR. Intuitively Control Movement.

Existing Controller Emulation


Unlimited Control Methods, User Choice


Emulates Vive controller touchpad and buttons

Sitting, standing, walking-in-place, board sport positions. Translate the most subtle real movements to locomotion and control a library of virtual reality and video game control methods.

Emulates Xbox and Oculus controllers

Walk-in-place directionally, strafing, forward, and reverse

Emulates keyboard and mouse controls

Train foot movements with machine learning to create new output functions

SDK, Multiple Paths of Integration


9 Axis IMU Positional Tracking For Each Foot


Multiple Windows code libraries to integrate 3rd party apps

Accurately track individual foot position by acceleration, pitch, and compass.  See your feet on all VR platforms.

Access and control sensor data from 3rd party Android & iOS apps

Better Positional Tracking.  We’ve created a better way to recalibrate position by factoring extra sensor data

Unity SDK for mobile and desktop VR and gaming applications