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Intuitive VR Footwear


By using the BrilliantSole VR Footwear you will experience...


Imagine intuitively controlling your first person character in video games and virtual reality using your feet. With BrilliantSole, you can.

Mobile App

Utilize our user friendly mobile app to quickly set up your BrilliantSole footwear to sync with any VR gear. Quickly change settings and get immersed in your game!

Immerse Yourself

Preserve your sense of immersive presence in virtual reality while simultaneously alleviating motion sickness.


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First Person Locomotion in Virtual Worlds

With pressure gauging sensors and haptic motors embedded in the insole directly underneath your feet, and accelerometers, we have created great looking footwear that controls virtual movement from both sitting or standing positions, while remaining in a confined space.

BrilliantSole footwear is your gateway to full immersion within your virtual world. Imagine skiing down a mountain, leading a military strike force, or being the lead drummer in a band and using your feet to control your character.

Easily sync up your BrilliantSole footwear using our user friendly mobile app to your VR device and start your journey today!

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Our Team

We are hard at work to deliver the most immersive VR experience yet
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Jeff Guard

Founder, CEO
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Andrew Keener

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Alec David

Software Developer
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William Fleming

Software Developer
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Ryan David

Product Manager, Design
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Mike Bower

Biomechanical Hardware and Software Engineer

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Brilliant Sole wins NC Tech Madness!

Through Sensors Embedded in Shoes, NC Tech Madness Champion Aims to Pioneer Locomotion for VR Gamers

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